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About Us

The question we get the most is "how do you choose your art?"  Most people are surprised at our selection and it's variety. But it is all there for one reason: we like it. 

Yup, we like it. We think it is cool, different, clever, unique, or just awesome. 

We love Matt Sharack and his amazing cast of characters and the stories he tells. We love Michael Gittes because he paints cool stuff with syringes. We think Ariel is amazing because his talent is innate and his message is powerful.

We especially love toddland because they make stuff that no one else dared to make, and cater to the lumberjack which is just awesome. And their quality is insanely good. And, they are just plain funny. And Todd's beard is out of control.

Green City limits the type and total number of items that can be shown or sold at one time. Yes, we are exclusive. We don't want the art site where you get lost in pages of images. We don't want just anybody showing their art. 

So you will have to keep checking back to see what's new, especially when we release our limited edition runs. 

And just a reminder. All artwork is owned and copyrighted by each artist. Do not even think about reproducing or using images without artist consent. Be nice. Don't steal their ideas and processes. Figure out something on your own and maybe we will put your work up on the Green City site.